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Welcome to Klang works, an online publishing company. We specialize in creating and hosting web sites using opensource software. We have been in business since 2001.

We are also known as Lily Borne Publishing. If you are looking for art and music, perhaps you are looking for our sister site

If you are looking for opensource software or need general programming information, you may enjoy our other sister site


Web site application design and/or hosting


Klang Works Practices

  1. All work is done with opensource software
  2. The goal of all work is to create something that is clean, functional and maintainable
  3. All work must be standards compliant
  4. The less code written, the better

CD Cover Design/Artwork:


Mizmaze Simmer & Stir Welcome to Nashville The Book of Two Ways

Technological Consulting

We have experience with the following technologies:


Every customer is unique and our pricing scale is an estimate, rather than an exact quote. Please contact for details.
Robert.Nelson <at>